Our employment specialists boast the experience and skills our Clients need when dealing with any issue that touches on employment.

We work closely with Companies in this area and assist them to put in place the policies and documentation required by law in order to reduce risk.

We can help you with all aspects of employment law, from drafting contracts to handling terminations. We can advise you on how to negotiate with unions and other labor organizations, and represent you in any disciplinary or termination proceedings.

If layoffs are necessary, we can help you navigate the process to minimize the risk of legal action.If you are an employer, we can help you stay within the law when making any of these decisions. If you are an employee, we can help you protect your rights in case of any problems.

We regularly advise on issues spanning from drafting of employment contracts to terminations, restrictive covenants engagement with trade unions and labour officers, disciplinary action and redundancies, including defending Companies in the Industrial Court, a division of the High Court of Kenya. We offer tailor made solutions on restructuring arising from mergers and acquisitions. Our experts provide a full range of advice to clients on employment matters.